6 Best Yoga Poses for Stress

Hello loves!

Yoga has been an incredible way of releasing stress for me, as well as helping me to build muscle, burn fat, and opening me up to become more creative in my endeavors. Life can get very tense at times, and it’s hard through all the pain and sadness to find good ways to cope. When I discovered yoga, I found a positive outlet for my stress. Today, I’ll be sharing with you 6 of my favorite poses to utilize when I’m having a hard day and need a release. I also do these poses in the morning as a way to wake up and feel more energized.


A favorite pose of mine to do, especially after a 90-minute hot yoga class! This is a pose that really focuses on your breathing and mindfulness. I’ve had teachers that say you should let your mind wander in the Savasana pose, and others tell you to focus on certain parts of your body and breathing. This pose really resets the body and mind and helps you to feel more clear for the rest of your day.


Salutation Seal

Salutation seal is a great pose to start your morning off on the right foot. Pressing the hands together in front of the heart chakra or above the head, cross your legs together in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and on the thing you want most out of your day. This pose is an excellent stress reliever for me because it’s an easy pose for everyone to do, yet provides great balance to the body and mind.



This is a great pose because it provides blood oxygenation to the brain and stimulates creativity. It also reverses the flow of gravity, and if you can do this with no help, you’re a total bad ass. I still need my boyfriend to hold me up to do this one on my own, but you can press up against a wall as well!


Extended Puppy Pose

This pose is great for opening up the spine while calming the mind and bringing energy into the body. I also do this pose in the mornings. It’s sort of like child’s pose, except the bum isn’t pressed back into the heels, and you’re trying to reach forward as far as you can to really lengthen that spine!


Spinal Twist

This pose detoxes the body, and again like the puppy pose opens up and lengthens the spine. It’s an invigorating exercise and easy to do! When you’re opening the chest, shoulders, and back, it relieves tension in those areas which improves stress a great deal and leaves you feeling way more refreshed for the day ahead.


Child’s Pose

Probably one of my favorite poses to perform after an invigorating yoga workout, child’s pose elongates our back, as well as opening up our hips. It helps us practice mindfulness and reminds everyone that taking a break and having a calm mind and body is good for us.


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