How to Express More Gratitude.

Hi loves,

Expressing gratitude to others and for my own life has been something I’ve been struggling to do recently and as a result, I’ve been incredibly unhappy and depressed. I’m hoping that by being vulnerable and speaking about this I will get some form of relief from my “pity-party” while helping some of you at the same time. I feel that the best way to achieve your own goals is by appreciating all the beauty you have in your life fully and open arms and I think due to my lack of appreciation and gratitude, I’ve been regressing in other areas of my life.

Like I said in previous posts, finding a job has been something I’ve struggled with over the last 5-6 months. Rather than pushing through the burden that life has handed to me and using it as an opportunity, I’ve spent most of my time resenting the world. I had so many chances to express gratitude but chose the difficult route of expressing hatred and negativity instead and because of that I continued to not have any job offers. Recently, I’ve taken a break from blogging because of how depressed and unmotivated I’ve been and today I feel like I’ve come to a realization and fully believed it this time; life is truly what I make of it.

So far, my day’s have consisted of petty little frustrations that I allow to control my thoughts. In reality, these things don’t matter when I lay my head down at night and by allowing these small annoyances to cause so much stress, I’m just creating more issues for myself by solely focusing on the negative. I have so many things to thank the universe for and realize now that even the one small light in my day is what I need to hang onto if I want to improve my life. My beautiful Grandmother is 4 years cancer free this year, both my family and Anders’ family are in excellent health, I’m healing everyday from my previous trauma and I know in my heart and soul that I WILL find a job if I try harder to look.

Even if life feels entirely hopeless right now, try to find one single thing to reflect on daily that brings you joy. That will carry you through the tough moments and those gracious thoughts will bring you so many other gifts from the universe. I know it’s hard on days where it feels like the world is beating down your door and telling you to give up but I’m here to say there are so many other experiences you have yet to live through, both good and bad. We are all handed situations we wish we didn’t have to live through but those are the things that will bring us unfathomable strength in the end.

From now on, I vow to express more gratitude to myself, to others and to the universe. I will be writing in a journal every morning about my experiences from the previous day and including a list of the things I’m grateful for.  When I was younger, my Mom always told me to journal and I never understood the importance of it until now. I believe writing in a journal is a way of releasing all the negative energy from the stressful days we can sometimes have. We carry so much stress with us on a daily basis and most of us don’t find a way to release or let go of these feelings and not only does this cause stress on the mind but on the body as well.

I challenge all of you to express more gratitude for both the universe and for the people in your life today. Not only will this give you joy, but when you express gratitude outwardly to others, it will bring them immense happiness as well. Say thank you to the man or woman making your coffee, even if your in a rush to get to work. Ask them about their day and make them feel important. If you and your significant other lack appreciation for each other, try recognizing the little things that they do like taking the garbage out without being asked or tickling your back for 5 minutes before bed. It’s so easy to forget about the things being done for us regularly, but it’s so important that we express our thanks to those who do those small things for us. Not only will your outlook on life improve by doing these things, your relationships will become stronger too.

Let me know in the comments what you do to be more gracious in your day to day life! Thank you all for supporting me, even through these challenging times. The love I have in my heart for you all is immeasurable.

All my love and positive vibrations,




































































































































































barista got my coffee order wrong or about the fact that I’ve been unemployed for 5 months

4 thoughts on “How to Express More Gratitude.

  1. Hey Shelby!
    So glad to see you’ve broken the habit – writing is the perfect way to get your groove back!
    and sharing your experiences will definitely touch others that need to hear it!

    Just remember
    The odds of being born – for anyone to be born – is in 1 in 400 trillion.
    That stat alone is enough to show how lucky each of us are to be on this earth!
    so keep your head and smile – good things will come 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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